"A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it." - Raul Julia

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1355 Chain Bridge Rd

 McLean, VA 22101

P: 703.288.0660


Fairfax Corner Shopping Center

11887 Grand Commons Ave

Fairfax, VA 22030

P: 703.266.6999

Watson St & International Dr

8150 Leesburg Pike Suite H2

 Vienna, VA 22182

P: 703.506.4677

Reston Town Center

11903 Democracy Dr

Reston, VA 20190

P: 703.481.0055

Tysons Corner





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Cigar blends consists of the cigar filler, cigar binder, and cigar wrapper. This is what creates it's unique taste and characteristics. The quality of the tobacco leaf, in concert with the cigar and the way it is rolled, all combine to offer you a unique smoking experience. 

​There is a standard cigar measurement for the diameter (width). The size of the cigar will affect the overall flavor. The fatter the cigar, the more developed and full a cigar will taste. A wider cigar will also burn slower.

You can get an idea of how thick your cigar is by taking the ring gauge and dividing it by 64. This will give you the width in inches (see chart below). A cigar with a ring gauge of 64 would be one inch in diameter.

Here is a thought: Select a cigar with a larger ring size if you tend to have a heavy draw. Don’t  scorch your smoke, a smaller ringed cigar will tend to taste harsh if your draw is heavy.